domenica 28 aprile 2013

For my foreign followers

Dear readers,
after writing a post, I usually see the statistics (how many visitors in a day, where they come from, which browser they use etc.) of my blog. So, I'm always pleasantly surprised to see many followers of my blog are in USA. I'm so happy that this little, very little thing that is my blog can fly over the seas and the mountains, so far away from me. I think these persons are all italian, because I write of the liturgical music service in the italian parishes. So, if this argument is just about the Italian peninsula, it may not interest to readers from USA unless they are Italians who are abroad, I think.
Then, why I'm writing in english if I see that my post -all in italian- are read? Because I belive these can be a sign of closeness, of friendship.
So, all readers from USA, thank you so much for your "fidelity" to my blog.

See you soon,

by L'Organista Liturgico

P.S. Sorry for my english: it's very scholastic. I hope to emprove!

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